Today’s puzzle: _IRD

(When I was recapping the last few puzzles last week, I realized, while it’s kind of nice to see a group of these all at once, it’s harder to remember all the conversations surrounding each one. Maybe when The Boy is a bit older and we don’t really talk about the puzzles anymore, I’ll be able to scale it back to a weekly wrap up. But for now, I like jotting down all the little details of our daily conversations.)

I asked The Boy this morning if he wanted to pick his daily puzzle. He asked to see his choices, and I fanned out some folded papers, just as I had done last week.

He scanned the sheets quickly and said, “I want the bird.”

“How did you know it’s a bird?” I asked, handing him a folded piece of paper.

Mom,” he said, sounding exasperated. “I saw the face and I saw the beak.” He unfolded the paper and showed me the picture. “See? The bird is the only animal with a long pointy beak on its face.”

“Yes, I believe you’re right.”

He folded up the paper and handed it back to me. “I’m going to make it a blue jay,” he announced.

I wonder if that was his not-so-subtle way of telling me that I needed to include a blue crayon….

Finished puzzle from Monday, 10/24/11


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