Pinterest (or, “Ferb, I know what we’re going to do today.”)

I love Pinterest. I actually stumbled upon it by mistake, but I’ve come to love it. By far, the best thing about it (so far) is that I’ve been able to put all those recipes I want to try in a single place (and not in a giant binder taking up space in my kitchen, either).

As I was browsing some of my pins, I saw one for a pumpkin flan. I do love pumpkin, and I’m a big fan of flan. And making custards and baking in water baths don’t intimidate me one bit. So when I looked more closely at this recipe, I decided it was worth a go. After all, I have the pumpkin purée on hand, and The Boy will enjoy helping me make it.

Easy as, well, flan.

This is exactly why I love Pinterest. I browse, think of what I have on hand, and then decide what creative thing I can do with the (not-so-)wee one to keep him engaged (read: out of trouble) for a little while. And today, I want to make pumpkin flan.

And maybe do some ghost feet with his cousin as a fun little keepsake for Grandma. After all, it’s Cousin E’s first Halloween!

But first I need to try those bacon, egg, and cheese biscuits in muffin-form again. I may need to roll out the biscuits a bit more before I cut them, and I think I used too much egg but not enough cheese…. (This is what happens when I get creative and start modifying others’ recipes.)


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