A day off (kind of)

Cute Husband took The Boy to the Magic Kingdom today to spend the day with Aunt A, Uncle Matt, and Cousin E. If it were up to him, he would have chosen to go back to Animal Kingdom, but Cousin E isn’t quite 9 months old yet and there isn’t much for an infant to do at Animal Kingdom.

While they were out, I stayed home to nap and clean the house a bit. The Boy woke up last night just as I was falling asleep, so I didn’t get much sleep. It’s very hard to sleep when someone keeps calling out, “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” After about an hour of that nonsense, I finally told him that he needed to go to back to sleep or he wouldn’t go to one of the Disney parks with Daddy and Cousin E, and that Mommy was extremely cranky because she hadn’t had any sleep yet. Somehow, that worked to settle him down for the rest of the night.

Anyway, The Boy didn’t bathe last night (as is his usual custom, especially after a busy day of playing hard at school), and aside from the regular sweat and dirt still on his body, I knew that the Batman symbol that was painted on his face rubbed off onto the sheets. So that put laundry at the top of the Must-Do list. And because Aunt A and family are staying with us this weekend, that also meant cleaning the bathrooms, readying the guest room, and general housecleaning.

But first, I needed a nap.

I got a lot of stuff done while I was home alone. I put some music on  my iPhone, pulled back my hair, and started checking stuff off the Must-Do list. I took a friend’s advice and tried cleaning the bathtub with nothing but baking soda and water, and I was stunned that it worked better than any cleaner I’ve ever bought. Then I added some baking soda to my regular laundry detergent (Tide Free, if you’re really curious) because The Boy came home Tuesday with his shirt streaked with the remnants of cherry Jello, and I was once again stunned that the stain came out after a single wash.

Who knew baking soda was so useful? Clearly,  not I.

Anyway, that was the big excitement of my day alone. The Boy had much more fun at the Magic Kingdom (sadly, no longer referred to as the “Mouse House”) than I did at home. At bedtime tonight, he said he had a great day, and that his favorite part was riding Big Thunder with Aunt A and Daddy. (“Daddy sat behind us,” he clarified.)

Yet, when I asked if he wished he could have done something differently to make it a better day, he replied, “Yeah, I wish I could go to school today. I learn a lot of words there.”


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