Fall Festival 2011

The Boy’s school holds an annual Fall Festival, and since this is our first year as a part of the school family, we all attended it this afternoon.

I left work a couple of hours early to meet The Boy right after school. I volunteered to work at the Pumpkin Toss, and since I wasn’t entirely sure (a) where it would be or (b) what to expect, I wanted to make sure I was there early and able to help set up if necessary.

I turned in the order form for The Boy’s unlimited rides wristband early in the week. It was in his backpack yesterday afternoon, so I left it there, knowing that I’d need to have it on hand today. After we walked around a bit, we sat down and he insisted that I put it on him.

“You know who else wears a wristband?” he asked me.


“Daddy! When he goes to his ‘ventions.” (This is true; Cute Husband wears wristbands when he goes to certain conventions.)

Cute Husband arrived about a half hour after the Fall Festival began, so he took The Boy to ride some rides and try some of the games while I worked the Pumpkin Toss.

After about two hours (during which The Boy rode the train ride twice, went on the huge slide several times, got his face painted, and spent all 20 of the tickets he had), Cute Husband and I agreed that it was about time to go home. But The Boy insisted that he wasn’t having any fun because Cute Husband wouldn’t buy him more tickets for games, so I sent Cute Husband home and asked The Boy if he wanted to go on the hay ride again before we left.

Well, before I knew it, he rode the hay ride with one of his friends (whose mother used to work with Cute Husband many years ago!), rode the train twice (and managed to convince me to join him for one of those rides), and rode the hay ride again (and I got to tag along for this last ride) before we left.

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Thankfully, he passed out in the car on the way home. He still insisted that he didn’t have a great day, but I’m pretty sure he at least had a really good one.


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