“I’m just staring at it.”

The Boy gets to watch 2 shows before bed every night. Contrary to opinion by experts, it relaxes him, and he actually does learn stuff from most of his shows. And Cute Husband and/or I watch with him and provide commentary, context, and/or explanation when necessary.

Tonight, the first show he chose was Wild Kratts, and after it finished, Cute Husband asked if they could watch the Phineas & Ferb Halloween episode. The Boy said no, that he didn’t want to watch it, but he agreed to watch the opening credits with Cute Husband.

Well, they watched the opening credits together. And then they watched the first segment of the show together. The Boy loves watching Phineas & Ferb; it’s a favorite show, even if it’s a little advanced for him at times. Throughout this segment, The Boy laughed, pointed out silly things happening on the screen, and generally seemed to enjoy it.

But I know my son, and he’s thrown little fits after watching something Cute Husband picked, declaring that it shouldn’t count as a second show because he didn’t want to watch it in the first place. So when the first segment ended, while Cute Husband fast-forwarded through commercials, I asked if he was okay having Phineas & Ferb as a second show. His response?

“Um, no. I’m just staring at it. I don’t really want to watch it.”

Well, then it’s a good thing that I asked.


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