Checking off another milestone

Ever since two of his classmates mastered tying their shoes last month and got special attention on the classroom blog, The Boy has been trying very hard to tie his shoes. At the end of September, he figured out how to do the first step, and he was (understandably) quite proud of himself.

Well, this morning, while I was putting on my sneakers, he asked if he could help me tie my shoes. I agreed, and, like he has done for the last two weeks, he did the first step.

But this time, I encouraged him to keep going.

“Go on and make the bunny ears,” I suggested.

He made loops with part of the string, crossed them, and then tied my shoelaces. And when he looked at the finished product, he stared up at me, a mix of surprise and pride on his face.

I left work a few hours early to watch his first “real” soccer game (previously, his teacher has just been having the kids practice drills; this would be the first 3-on-3 game with goalies), and when I got to his school, he hadn’t yet changed into his soccer cleats. I sat down with him in the hallway to help him put on his gear, then watched as he tied his cleats.

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It took me forever to learn to tie my shoes. I think I was in third grade before I mastered it. Cute Husband says he tied his shoes for the first time when he was in kindergarten; his parents gave him the Darth Vader action figure carrying case as a reward.

I’m inordinately proud of The Boy for learning this skill. The shoe laces still need to be fairly long, so I’ll still need to help him with the dress shoes he wears on Mondays, and he still needs to practice, but Cute Husband and I are both so very proud of him.


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