Photographing wildlife

Cute Husband made arrangements to meet with a friend of his from high school at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, so we all left the house early this morning so we could ride the safari ride first thing. The animals at Animal Kingdom are allowed to run relatively free, and when it gets hot, they do what most practical creatures would do: they go in search of the shade to hide from the sun. And many of the animals are more active first thing in the morning than they are later in the day.

Fortunately for us, the temperature was fairly mild the entire day, but it was still nice to go on the safari ride early in the day. We saw a lot of animals before we left after lunch (we had a birthday party to attend), and I got to take lots of pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I surprised myself a bit, though. Of all the photos I took, my favorites weren’t of the male lion on a rock or the meerkat that was acting as sentry. Rather, I’m quite proud of some insects that I captured! One was a butterfly that I spotted near the restaurant where we stopped for lunch. The other was a grasshopper (that appeared injured as it hardly moved) I saw on a bridge at the park where the birthday party was held.

I really should sign up for a series of photography lessons again. I’ve forgotten a lot of what I learned in college.


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