Conversational Gems: Mulch

The Boy brings home mulch from the school playground every day. Sometimes, he puts it in his pockets, too, but for the most part, it mostly arrives in his shoes.

Last week, he was looking at the bottom of his shoes in the car and, upon seeing his shoes’ treads, declared that was how mulch entered his shoes. “They get into the lines on my shoe, and they go inside!” he told me.

As he was finishing his bath last night, I asked if he told Daddy how mulch got into his shoes, and he said that he hadn’t. When I suggested he share his discovery with Daddy, he called Cute Husband.

“Daddy! I know how mulch gets into my shoes!”

Cute Husband came into the bathroom and began towelling him off, and I could hear bits of the conversation as they went to The Boy’s room.

Cute Husband: You know how mulch gets in there? How?

The Boy: It comes in from the lines under my shoe!

Cute Husband: Really? Hm. You don’t think it gets in from the top of the shoe?

The Boy: No! It gets in from the lines and goes up into my shoe. That’s how come it goes inside!

Cute Husband told me that The Boy picked up one of his shoes to illustrate his point and showed him there was mulch in the tread. “See?” he said.

I give him points for creativity. And I especially love that he made an effort to prove his hypothesis.


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