Wordless Wednesday: Step into reading

The Boy wants to read so badly. He knows reading will open up an entire world to him (most of his websites require a degree of reading), so he is quite anxious to learn to read. When Cute Husband picked him up from school on Monday, he pulled out a Winnie the Pooh book and tried to sound out the words. When a word was too long, he’d spell it out for Cute Husband and ask him for the word.

He did the same thing this morning, and I pulled out a copy of Pug, an old early reader from my childhood. He was very interested in reading it; I think he’ll benefit a lot from its pages since it explains the rules of when to use a long vowel sound versus the short one, and gives ample examples of each letter’s sound.

He’s eager to learn, and he’s not getting frustrated with the process. I think he’ll be a bookworm yet!

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