The real reason for all these uniform shirts

When I bought The Boy’s uniform, one of my girlfriends from my high school days asked me why I bought as many shirts as I did.

“You got way too much,” she declared. “Even if you only do laundry once a week, you don’t need that many shirts.”

Now, to be honest, I bought 7 polo shirts: two in black (which is his dress-up uniform shirt color on Mondays) and one each in aqua, powder blue, gray, navy, and olive green. Add to this that he wears a PE uniform on Wednesday and can option to wear a Spirit shirt on Fridays, yes, at first glance, it looks like I bought too many.

But then we have mornings like today.

He dressed himself this morning in his aqua polo shirt and khaki shorts. The morning started out wonderfully. He even had his socks and shoes on and went to the kitchen to eat a healthy breakfast of peach yogurt.

Once he was finished (and I helped him scrape the last bits of yogurt and fruit out of the cup), I instructed him to go to the bathroom and wash his hands and face. I’m not certain how he manages it, but he often winds up with a ring around his mouth after eating yogurt. I left him in the kitchen, presuming that he would go the bathroom to wash up, and returned to my room to change my clothes.

As I was getting dressed, he came into my room, a happy grin on his face – and white streaks of yogurt all over the front of his shirt.


I asked if he wiped his mouth on his shirt, and he denied it, so I sent him to Cute Husband to show him what he had done. (Cute Husband spoke to him and later relayed to me that The Boy insisted he did not wipe his mouth on his shirt, saying that he wiped his runny nose on his shirt and the yogurt just appeared there afterwards.)

So The Boy had to change his shirt, and I (mercifully) had a clean assortment of uniform polos from which he could choose.

Now do you understand why I bought as many as I did? Maybe it’s a residual effect of being a Girl Scout in my youth, but I’ve realized in the short time that I’ve been a mother that I cannot be prepared enough for my child.

And really, at least yogurt is white. It could have been a lot worse.


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