Brunch à la maison de Caines

The Boy woke at 4AM today, insisting on sleeping with me in my bed. Since Cute Husband is at a convention this weekend (but will be home tonight for dinner), I let The Boy crawl into bed with me under the condition that he go back to sleep. After much fidgeting and tossing about, I sent him to the bathroom to relieve himself (the cause for all the fidgeting) and back to his room to go to sleep. Then I (mostly) closed the door to his room to keep the sunlight out in efforts to encourage sleeping in.

Around 9AM, he finally bounded out of bed (I, mercifully, was already awake) and came into my room to greet me.

“Mommy!” he exclaimed. “It’s morning!”

The rainy weather dampened my plans (again) to work on my garden, but I had the brilliant idea of making French toast for breakfast. I was a little nervous; The Boy reacted poorly to eggs several years ago and I’ve been hesitant to give them another go. He can have them in baked goods, so I know it’s really just a sensitivity, but I honestly haven’t tried scrambled eggs or even French toast because the Scrambled Egg Incident really freaked me out (and I have no desire to ever repeat it). But since he’s over his dairy sensitivities and doesn’t react adversely to soy products anymore, either, I decided to give it another go.

I cracked open my copy of The Joy of Cooking and found the basic French toast recipe. The Boy eagerly cracked the eggs and helped me mix together the ingredients and was even quite interested up to the point of actually cooking it. Once the bread hit the skillet, though, he was over it and elected, instead, to play with the Duplo house we built yesterday.

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But he enjoyed eating the finished product.

As for any adverse reactions, well, about an hour after eating, he said his stomach hurt, but it wasn’t the kind of hurt that meant he was about to vomit. So I’m  not certain what to make of that. I think he’s okay with scrambled eggs now, but I think I’ll limit it.

And until I’m totally certain he’s okay eating eggs on their own, I’ll still watch him very carefully.


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