Baking like it’s Fall: An easy Pumpkin Cake

I’ve been busy in the kitchen today.

Last night, I saw 100 Pumpkin Recipes pop up on my newsfeed, and among its many links and photos was one for Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Frosting.

I bought some cans of pumpkin puree last year when I wanted to make pumpkin ravioli. That never happened (though it still might), so the cans have occupied space in my pantry, mocking me whenever I opened the doors. So I really wanted to make something – anything – with my pumpkin puree.

When I perused the recipe, I realized that I was only missing eggs from the list of ingredients. (The Boy and I used them this morning to make French toast.) I even had cream cheese frosting in the refrigerator, so I didn’t need to make that from scratch! (Homemade cream cheese frosting is so much better than the packaged stuff, though. I know this.) So The Boy and I braved the rain (he got to test out his new bubble umbrella) and made a quick trip to the grocery store. After all, I needed to get bread for sandwiches, some lunch meat, and veggies for tonight’s stir-fry, too, so it’s not like I only needed to get eggs.

I followed the recipe, but I mistakenly added a stick of butter to the batter (I was able to remove about half of it) because I was a bit distracted and read the wrong line. The Boy helped me add the eggs and measured both the oil and the sugar (and consequently spilled quite a bit of the latter on the floor), and he eagerly added the pureed pumpkin to the bowl before he got bored and returned to his Dinosaur Train toys. The batter was a bit runny, but, as it turned out, neither the runny batter nor the extra butter were issues. It took a bit longer to bake the cake (they really don’t resemble bars at all), but when I pulled it out of the oven, it was heavenly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Boy seemed to enjoy eating the cake (evidenced by the speed at which he inhaled it), and if Cute Husband likes it, too, this may be a recipe to keep on hand.

And pumpkin puree will never mock me from the pantry shelves again.


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