Rainy days and lazy days

It’s been raining all day today. I don’t really mind; the plants could use it, after all (though they’re also flourishing just fine without it), but it also means The Boy and I didn’t get out of the house today. So it was a lazy Saturday for both of us. So lazy, in fact, that neither of us got out of our pajamas.

I got some laundry done and a bit of light cleaning. He played on his computer a bit, worked on some puzzles, and played golf on his own. We also watched Curious George 2, built a house out of his Duplos, and sang and danced to some Imagination Movers songs together. As I said: it’s been a lazy Saturday.

This has been a nice change of pace for me. I feel like I’m constantly on the go lately (and the craziness of the holidays really begins for the Caines house in October) with a million things on my Must-Do list, so this lazy day has been much needed. Don’t get me wrong: I could have easily used today to work on this year’s Christmas cards. But rest is good for me.

And The Boy seems to be enjoying the relaxed pace, too, especially after his own crazy weekday schedule. Wins all around.


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