Done with the 8th week of school

It is so hard for me to believe The Boy just finished his 8th week of Pre-Kindergarten.

I walked with him to his classroom this morning even though I feel like I’ve been in constant contact with his teacher. The Boy actually wants me to walk him to his class every Friday, and he’s disappointed if we get to school late. (“Late”, by the way, means that the teachers are already out at the drop off site. My goal is to make it the entire school year without an unexcused tardy.)

Because it’s a new month, all the apples are gone and pumpkins are now in their place. The Boy showed me his name on one of the laminated pumpkins before he placed it on the tree to mark that he was present today. Then he showed me the (finished) One Hundred Board, and Ms. M told me that, while he still needs some practice with it because he reversed numbers on occasion, he did a great job and did it entirely on his own.

Proudly displaying the finished 100 Board. All that's left to do now is to fill in all of the numbers on the paper.

After I left his classroom, I stopped at the room next door to talk to The Boy’s art teacher (they painted a bird house yesterday), and she told me that he’s doing very well in the class and really seems to enjoy art. She loves his sense of humor; apparently, when she asked the class to tell her the number one rule about using paint brushes, The Boy said, “Don’t eat them!” I told her that The Boy let me know in no uncertain terms yesterday that we absolutely must sign up for the next round of art classes (and soccer) when this session ends. She told me that she plans to introduce the kids to some famous artists’ work in the next session, so it will be a combination of hands-on creation and art appreciation (just for small kids). I’m sure he’ll be very excited.

So today was another good day for The Boy. And his favorite part (once again) was working on the One Hundred Board.


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