“Steve Rogers will be happy”

Thus read the text I received from Cute Husband this afternoon. After three trips to the Disney Store in search of the Captain America costume in The Boy’s size, he finally got one.

The Boy is fascinated enthralled obsessed with Captain America. And not just Captain America, but all superheroes. Cute Husband introduced him to The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes over the summer, and The Boy has been obsessed with them since then. Sometimes his favorite character is Iron Man, sometimes it’s Ant Man (also known as Giant Man), sometimes it’s Wolverine or the Human Torch. Right now, though, it’s all about Captain America.

When I got the text from Cute Husband, I suggested he lay out the costume in The Boy’s room so that he would see it as soon as he got home. Then, while we were in the car, I told The Boy that Daddy had a surprise for him at home, but I wouldn’t tell him what it was.

Once we got home, I sent The Boy to his room to put away his shoes while I brought everything in from the car. As is his custom, The Boy tossed his shoes into his room (hey, at least they’re in his room and not laying around), but Cute Husband asked him to put his shoes away neatly. After some drama (where does he get that, I wonder?), he turned on the lights in his room and saw the costume. His face lit up and he turned to thank Cute Husband profusely for the surprise.

Then he couldn’t get the costume on fast enough. Cute Husband put the mask on him first. Then I helped him get into the main part of the costume. Next were the gloves. And, of course, he had to get his shield out of his toy bin. He was disappointed he couldn’t wear the “boots” (which really just cover his shoes), but he was so excited about his costume.

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He’s going to love wearing this at his school’s costume parade. Halloween can’t get here fast enough.


One thought on ““Steve Rogers will be happy”

  1. Love it! He’s just like Luis! One minute so into Captain America and then Wolverine and then Iron Man. Ha ha ha. Luis was Captain America for Halloween 2 years ago. I think its worth bringing it back. Do you guys watch the animated series from Japan of Wolverine and Iron Man?

    Hugs to the family!

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