Next he’ll be beating me at chess

Checkers really isn’t my game. I don’t have much of a strategy, unless it’s “Don’t let the other player get your pieces.”

So I guess I play defensively.

Cute Husband has been playing checkers with The Boy for a few weeks now and teaching him how to plan out his moves. Some of the bigger kids (read: grade schoolers) play checkers during after care at school, and he watches them carefully and with great interest. It was raining earlier this week when I picked him up from school, and he was upset that he didn’t get a chance to play checkers with anyone, so I promised him that Daddy would play with him when we got home.

After their game that night, Cute Husband told me, “He got me a few times. I was watching his pieces so closely that I wasn’t paying attention to mine.” That made me smile. Cute Husband is good at board games (his great-grandmother played board games with him and his sister while they were growing up), so I knew that The Boy was learning how to play from a good teacher.

After lunch today, The Boy challenged me to a game of checkers. I made him spend the morning outside in the garden with me (it wasn’t all boring to him; I showed him a caterpillar, the remains of a chrysalis, and some caterpillar eggs), so it was only fair that I do something he wanted to do. So I agreed.

Well, halfway through the game, I realized that I was playing someone with about as much skill as I have. That is to say that I’m a terrible checkers player for an adult and he’s quite good for a 4-year-old. I managed to sneak in one photograph of him studying the board before he caught me.

Planning his next move...

And the outcome of the game? Well, I let him win.

But just barely.


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