Thoughts on Thursday

Oh my God, how is it Thursday already?

So The Boy is finishing up his seventh week of school, and he still loves it. I don’t think I could be more pleased. As for Cute Husband and me, well, it’s required a lot of adjustment (daycare was, after all, very close to Cute Husband’s work, and it wasn’t that out of the way for me to drop off The Boy in the  mornings), but I think we’re finding our rhythm. Starting this week, Cute Husband and I have decided that I’ll bring The Boy to and from school and he will have dinner ready once we get home. Cute Husband is happier (driving really isn’t all that much fun, contrary to popular belief), The Boy’s schedule isn’t affected all that much, and I get more time to talk to him about his day.

Wins all around.

I love that The Boy wears a uniform to school. It makes mornings so much easier for me. Yes, I spent a small fortune buying all the shorts and shirts (that I hope he doesn’t outgrow for at least another 15 months), but it simplifies things so much. He wears his Dress Day uniform (black polo and khaki pants) on Mondays, his PE uniform (shirt and shorts, or sweats when it finally cools down) on Wednesdays, and then his regular uniform of a polo shirt and khaki shorts on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. On Fridays, he also has the option of wearing a Spirit shirt, which is really just a T-shirt from a school event. Right now, the only Spirit shirt he owns is from last week’s Run-a-Thon, but I’m confident this collection will grow steadily over time.

It’s great because I don’t have to worry that I didn’t wash a certain T-shirt (The Boy doesn’t have a color preference when it comes to his polo shirts) or that I don’t have clean shirts to match his plaid shorts (little boys in plaid shorts are adorable, BTW; grown men in plaid shorts, not so much). And because he knows the rest of the kids are wearing the same thing he is, there isn’t a battle in the mornings about getting dressed. Well, unless he happens to insist he doesn’t want to get dressed and I have to threaten to take him to school in his pajamas (which he also knows I would totally do).

It’s bliss.

But anyway, Thursday means I need to make sure his tall socks for soccer are clean, so Thursday is a critical make-up day for laundry in the Caines house, especially if I don’t do laundry over the weekend (which I didn’t do this past weekend). And it’s a good thing, too, because yesterday’s PE shirt was an unmistakable shade of brown, a tell-tale sign that he had been having way too much fun on the playground after school.

Oh, but it is so worth it when he bounces out of bed and can’t wait to get to school.


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