Wishlist Wednesday: Olympus PEN EP3

There are a few things that I’ve been adding to my wishlist, but the Olympus PEN EP3 has been on my wish list since, well, its announcement in June.

I have a Nikon D50, and I love it. It was my wedding present to myself, and I love taking pictures with it. I took a few photography classes in college, and, though I learned I don’t have a good eye for black and white, I absolutely fell in love with photography. I like looking at pictures, I like taking pictures, I like messing with apertures and f-stops and all the different settings. It’s fun. And since I’m not dealing with film anymore, I don’t have to be economical when shooting. I can take 40 pictures to get that one good shot, and I don’t have to feel bad about it.

But it’s bulky. And the lenses can be big. And heavy.

But I hate the point-and-shoot cameras. Yes, they come in handy, and yes, oftentimes the photos you take with a point-and-shoot are just as good as the ones you’d take with an SLR. But there’s a lag when you’re trying to shoot action (and God knows life with a 4-year-old is constant action), and (in my opinion), it’s just not as much fun to use. I do like the compact size, though, but I also wish for some weight to remind me that I’m using a camera. (Plus, that weight helps me keep the camera steady.)

So you can imagine my delight, then, when I saw the PEN EP3 by Olympus. It’s the latest in the PEN Micro Four Thirds line (so it’s a DSLR, only with smaller lenses), and it’s retro, so it totally evokes memories of my dad’s old Minolta from the ’60s. It’s light(er) weight, so you don’t have a huge weight around your neck (there’s actually an optional wrist strap for this – I can’t even imagine wearing my Nikon on my wrist!), and it takes video (with sound in either mono or stereo), which is something else my Nikon doesn’t do. (Yes, I know I can upgrade the body to one that does, but for video, I don’t want to hold something heavy for too long.)

So, yes, I’m salivating over this camera and its assortment of cute interchangeable lenses and filters.

If only I had an extra $900 laying around…


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