I really wish my son’s PE shirts were not white. Any color but white would do. Well, okay, maybe not since I can at least bleach white shirts. But just go with me on this for a moment.

I picked up The Boy from school today. Cute Husband sometimes has to stay a bit later at work, and we’ve found that it’s easiest to keep The Boy on schedule when that happens if I pick him up from school and Cute Husband goes home and gets dinner ready. Cute Husband was running late, so I got The Boy after work.

What I found on the aftercare playground startled and astonished me. The Boy was having a grand time playing a variation of kick ball, but I noticed right away how filthy he was. Dirt was smeared on his face, legs, and arms, and upon closer inspection, I could see where dirt mixed with sweat to make lines in the creases of his neck.


When we got home (but after we ate), I asked Cute Husband to get him undressed while I started the shower. I heard Cute Husband ask The Boy what was in his shoes, why there was mulch tracked all through the house, and why he was as dirty as he was. The Boy, of course, thought these were funny rhetorical questions and just laughed.

Once all the dirt and sweat and grime were washed off The Boy, he looked (and smelled) much much better. Getting him to sleep was so easy after playing as hard as he did. But when I saw the day’s clothes, I was appalled. Did you know it’s possible to turn black shoes brown? Well, you can.


There should not be brown stripes on these socks.

Thank goodness I have really great stain removers that I trust.


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