Applying lessons learned

I’m not a huge fan of driving, but I do like the time I get to spend with The Boy in the car. It gives us a longer length of time to talk about his day, and I get to find out what they’re covering in class.

One of the lessons this month focuses on the human body. Last week, he talked at great length about the skeletal system and wanted to read (and reread) his Bones book. This week, they’ve been discussing the respiratory system, so I received a recap a few days ago.

“What makes up the respiratory system?” I asked. “Do you know?”

“The lungs, the throat, the nose and mouth, and the…” He paused. “What do you call that thing that’s under your stomach and holds all the air?”

“Your diaphragm?”

“Yeah! And your diaphragm.”

He was pleased with himself for remembering all of that, and I was duly impressed. I don’t think I even learned about my diaphragm until I was in second or third grade, and that was more because of music classes (in which we sang more than played instruments) than any science lessons.

Last night, though, I couldn’t help but smile at his application of this newfound knowledge.

As I was hunched over the sink in my bathroom having a coughing fit (only one of many from this week), he watched me for a while before he announced, “Uh, Mom, I think there’s something wrong with your respiratory system.”

I need to remember to share that with Dr W when I visit him today when I get this cough checked out. I’m sure it will make his day.


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