Big day in the Caines house!

The Boy read his first word (unprompted)! I was playing a game of Words With Friends on my phone, and he was looking over my shoulder. Suddenly, he asked, “Who wrote ‘zoo’?”

I looked up at Cute Husband, shocked. Then Cute Husband asked, “How do you know that says ‘zoo’?” and The Boy responded, “It says ‘Z-O-O’. That’s ‘zoo’.”

“Do you know what you just did?” Cute Husband asked.

The Boy’s eyes grew large. “No,” he replied timidly.

“You just read, C___!” Cute Husband exclaimed. “You read a word!”

The Boy tried to shrug it off like it was nothing, but we could tell he was so proud of himself. And as a reward (of sorts) he got to wear his new Lego Star Wars pajamas (sent to him by a classmate of mine from high school) and watched the end of A New Hope.

He’s definitely not a baby anymore.


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