Three weeks into the school year

Every Friday, The Boy’s school invites parents to walk their kids to the classroom (instead of using regular drop-off procedures), so I walked with The Boy to his room yesterday. It’s a new month and they have new lessons now, and I think a monthly touch-base with his teacher is sufficient (unless there’s a problem, in which case I’ll call to set up a parent-teacher conference, anyway.)

Anyway, The Boy was very proud to show me his classroom! He went straight to a little table and found a laminated apple with his name on it, then proceeded to go to a tree on the wall and put his apple in one of the slots (right in the center; he’s my child, after all). This, as it turns out, is how they take attendance in his class every morning!

Then he showed me the new lessons and pointed out the lesson he had started the day before (marked with his name so that another student won’t take it and undo his work).

I’m so glad he enjoys school and the environment it offers him. Cute Husband and I were remarking the other night that it’s incredible seeing how much he’s changed since daycare at his old school. There was usually some kind of struggle to get him out of bed, and if offered the chance to stay home, he would take it. Now he gets up at 6AM (sometimes before Cute Husband or I do), dresses himself, and eats breakfast without a fuss.

Yesterday morning, after I gave him a little medicine for his stuffed up nose and cough, he said, “Mom, I’m a little sick.” Since I wasn’t feeling too great, either, and would have welcomed a chance to rest, I offered to keep him at home. His response?

“Mom, I’m not so sick!”

Not that I can blame him; after all, he had a soccer “game” (3 on 3) that he was really looking forward to, and there was that unfinished lesson, after all. But it was just very cute.

I only hope this enthusiasm lasts for life. =)


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