Bowie’s “Space Oddity”… in a kids’ book?

One of my former classmates from high school posted a link to an artist’s illustrations set to Bowie’s “Space Oddity”. As soon as I saw it, I immediately wanted to share it with The Boy. For one thing, I love “Space Oddity” (and its sequel “Ashes to Ashes”. For another, the illustrations are awesome, kind of in a similar style as Shag or Paul Frank. And they lend themselves perfectly to the story of the song.

After watching his shows tonight, I curled up with The Boy in our big chair in the family room with my laptop, queued up (a live version of) “Space Oddity”, and opened the PDF. I sang along with the song as I pointed to the words, and The Boy carefully studied each of the illustrations.

As I tucked him into bed, we talked a little about the pictures and the song, and he really enjoyed the “book”. He was a little distressed about the gaping hole in the spaceship, and we talked about whether or not he thinks Major Tom will return to Earth. So it was completely age-appropriate because it sparked his imagination and opened up discussion.

Plus it was a fine introduction to David Bowie. You really can’t argue with that.

(10/03/11 EDIT: The “book” on the site that I linked had to be changed, probably because of copyright infringement, as the artist never got approval from David Bowie himself or his management team.)


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