What happened on the first day of Pre-K?

When asked if he had a good day or a great day, The Boy said it was a good day.

He was proud that he walked to his classroom by himself. (And so was I.)

There are some new kids (read: kids who didn’t go to summer camp) in his class. They’re very nice, but he doesn’t remember their names.

He ate lunch with new people: a “man” (presumably another boy) and a girl, but he doesn’t know their names.

He turned in his homework (the All About Me poster) but didn’t talk about it yet. The teachers are waiting for all the kids to turn them in before they talk about them. (And this was the part where I was secretly calling the other kids’ parents “slackers”.)

He had fun at recess and liked playing on the playground during After Care.

He ate almost all of his lunch. He didn’t eat his cheese & cracker sandwiches, but he ate all of his peanut butter and jelly.

He had fun playing with some of the new lessons. And tomorrow he will get to do some art, but it wasn’t his turn today.

All told, it sounded like a great first day of school. When Cute Husband picked him up, I received a simple text: “Sweaty smelly kid”. I take that as a sign of a good first day at school.


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