All grown up! (or, The first day of Pre-K)

Today was The Boy’s first day of school, and I felt a bit cheated at drop-off. The handbook says that morning drop offs are done like this: I (the parent) am to drive up to a designated spot, faculty members help my child out of the car and direct him to his classroom, and I drive off in an orderly manner. So I prepped The Boy for this, letting him know that this is the way I’ll drop him off in the mornings now.

Well, when we arrived, there were a bunch of cars parked and parents walking their kids to their classrooms. But as tempted as I was, I stuck to the script (and the handbook) and drove up to the drop-off point instead. I put the car in “Park”, quickly unbuckled him and handed him his backpack (with his lunchbox inside), and a teacher helped him out of the car and directed him down the path to the next teacher waiting for him.

I was able to get one picture of him walking up the path to the main building. He looked back very briefly, long enough for me to blow him a goodbye kiss and for him to wave goodbye to me.

And I mercifully did not tear up until I was off the school grounds.

Look at him go...


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