First homework assignment

So I worked with The Boy on his homework (yes, they assigned homework to turn in during the first week), and I had him write his answers on this giant “All About” poster. (I provided help with spelling as needed, which was all of it but his name and age.) The Type-A part of me cringes as I look at it because the lettering isn’t spaced right (or even written correctly in some cases), but my Mommy side is quite proud of it.

Part of the assignment was to draw pictures or attach photographs. I had him draw pictures and I attached some photos, also (if for no other reason than to prove that my hair doesn’t stand straight up like it does in his rendering of me). Right now, I cringe because it doesn’t look perfect, but I know I’ll appreciate it later when little efforts like these are so infrequent.

First homework assignment - check!


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