Geeking out over the new LE Star Wars XBox 360

I already know that I’m raising a geek.

After all, with parents like Cute Husband and me, The Boy really has no choice but to be, well, a bit geeky.

So I had to beam with motherly (and geek) pride as I observed The Boy completely geeking out (for lack of a better phrase) over yesterday’s announcement at Comic-Con that Lucas Arts and Microsoft had teamed up to create a limited edition Star Wars XBox 360 and Kinect bundle.

As the images flashed on the screen, you could almost see excitement pulse throughout his little body.

“It’s Guddoo Dee Too!” he shrieked when he saw the R2-D2 console. And when they pulled out the gold controller, he exclaimed, “That looks like C-P-E-O!”

I so adore this child.


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