The curse of the green shag carpet

The house where I grew up in Southern California had wall-to-wall shag carpet throughout the house. I think when my parents bought it in 1977, only the kitchen and the entryway were spared carpeting.

Moreover, throughout most of the house, the carpet was green. Not a pretty nice forest green or a dark hunter green. No, this was bright green, not yellow enough to be chartreuse but certainly bright. Only a handful of rooms were spared the green shag carpet: the hallway bathroom had an orange shag carpet (I know; who puts carpeting in a bathroom?) until my father replaced it with laminate tiles, and three rooms (my parents’ room, my bedroom, and what was once our billiard room) had cream-colored shag carpet.

For the past few months, Cute Husband and I have seen shag carpet rugs at IKEA in various colors, including that exact same shade of green. And for the past few months, we’ve joked about putting a large one somewhere in our house –  for the sake of nostalgia, of course.

Well, the laugh is on me. When I took The Boy to IKEA today, he saw the rug and proceeded to lay down on it.

If I cropped this picture a bit, it would look like he was lying down on the ground at my parents' old house circa 2001.

“I want this in my room!” he announced.

I inwardly cringed. “That rug?” I asked. “Why?”

“It’s green, it’s fluffy, and it’s soft!” he replied.

I didn’t buy it (since he still has carpet in his room and we mercifully have nowhere to put it right now), but I just can’t get away from the green shag carpet. [sigh]


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