Conversational Gems: “You have to match the players!”

Scene: At the little kids’ table in the kitchen as The Boy is eating breakfast.

Me: C__, guess what we’re going to do a week from Sunday? So not this coming Sunday, but the one after it.

The Boy: What?

Me: I’m taking you to a baseball game. Would you like that?

The Boy: A baseball game? Who’s playing?

Me: We’ll go to a Rays game.

The Boy(excited) Tampa Bay?

Me: That’s right! Would you like that?

The BoyYeah! But Mom, you have to go to the store where they sell hats and get a Tampa Bay hat so you can match the players.

Me: Can’t I just wear another baseball hat?

The Boy: No, Mom! You have to match the players!

Me: (trying not to laugh) Okay, buddy. And do you want to want to wear your new shirt?

The Boy(really excited) Yeah! Then I’ll look like Number Three! (intently and seriously) Um, Mom? We have to get on a plane to see them?

Me: No, no. We’ll just sit in the car for a really long time. Is that okay?

The Boy: Yeah. And Mom, you don’t have to get a shirt. Just a hat.


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