The public education system frustrates me

I am so incensed by the political arena and the cuts governors are making in their respective states. America’s teachers should be treated better.

I can’t believe these governors think it’s okay to reduce education funding and try to lay blame at the feet of the teachers. Don’t they realize the people they are hurting most are the children? (And these are the same people who, in the very next breath, lament the fact that, as a whole, the youth of this nation are woefully behind those of most other developed nations!)

This particular article speaks of Wisconsin specifically, where there are teachers unions and, yes, Wisconsin’s governor wants to take bargaining power away from the unions. The state where I live is an at-will state, meaning that unions here really don’t amount to much. People try, but the state law supercedes any union actions.

Unfortunately, in many at-will states, governors – and many county officials – are cutting funding from education programs, ultimately hurting the kids. As a result, I happen to live in one of the lowest ranked counties in one of the lowest ranked states. It’s not to say that there aren’t good schools out there, but the cuts to education programs to little to encourage people to become teachers, and with a shrinking pool of educators and diminishing funding, children in the poorest-funded areas ultimately suffer unless their parents are able (as we are) to send their kids to private schools.

And I think there is something seriously wrong with that.


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