The 40″ milestone

The Boy reached an important milestone today. I’m not sure exactly when he met it, but we realized it today.

He is (at least) 40 inches tall!

Why is this so important? After months of waiting, he’s finally tall enough to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!

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He’s so excited. Cute Husband is excited, too, because now he has someone to ride with! And this opens up several new rides all across the Disney World parks that The Boy can now go on.

Of course, now this means that he’s two-thirds my height, but I knew I wouldn’t stay taller than him for very long.

He can ride Big Thunder Mountain now! (Next up: Splash Mountain… But not until it gets a bit warmer.)

Also noteworthy: Cute Husband led The Boy on a game of “Find the Hidden Speakers”. Some people search for Hidden Mickeys when they visit the Magic Kingdom; the two of them looked for hidden speakers. And The Boy found quite a few that I didn’t even know were there!

He’s far more observant than I am!


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