Did you vote? I did!

On Saturday, once The Boy was awake (we’d had a rough night that Friday at the Yo Gabba Gabba Live show) and finished breakfast, we all went to our early voting location to cast our ballots for this year’s midterm elections. There are some pretty important races in Florida this year (Governor, Senator, House representative), but there are also some important propositions on the ballot.

I’m not about to begin preaching my own political (or economic or religious) beliefs. I think differing opinions are what make the world go ’round, as long as people are willing to accept another’s opinion, especially if it differs from their own. Nothing is more irritating than someone who claims to be open-minded but is really only open to one school of thought. Believe what you want; just accept that my views may differ.

That having been said, I cannot express how important I think it is to vote, especially when you have the opportunity. I love early voting, myself. I don’t have to stand in line on a Tuesday morning to ensure my voice – one in the din of many, I know – is heard. And because it is so convenient (there’s an early voting location not 3 miles from my house), I really have no excuse.

I voted this year for The Boy, whose voice is too young to be heard. I voted for my parents, who immigrated to this country in the early ’70s and had to earn their right to be heard. But I also voted for myself.

After all, if you give up the right to vote – for whatever reason – you give up the right to complain about your elected officials, laws, measures, and almost anything else that irks you. And isn’t the right to complain enough of a reason to exercise the right to vote?


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