A glimpse into my day

This morning, I instructed The Boy to get dressed for school while I was getting dressed in my own room. I could hear him in his room, “reading” one of his books. I peeked into his room, saw him sitting naked in his chair, told him to get some underwear on, then promptly returned to my room.

Suddenly, I heard a very loud, “Mom! Poop!”

I rushed into his room, not sure I heard him correctly. “What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Poop!” he exclaimed, pointing down at the carpet, where, sure enough, he had pooped. Apparently, as he squatted down to get some underwear out of the bottom drawer, he had simply relieved himself.

I sent him off to the bathroom to finish his business, then picked up the (thankfully solid) poop with some toilet paper and flushed it. As I was cleaning up the mess, I could hear him singing in the bathroom, “And you have to get dressed to go to school but you have to be careful you don’t poop on the floor…”

Apparently he had learned a valuable lesson. Yes, indeed.


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