Conversational Gems

(Scene: In the garage on our way to the car as we are getting ready to go to school.)

The Boy: (looking down at his DC Comics superheroes T-shirt) Mom, Spiderman’s a superhero?

Me: Yes, he is a superhero.

The Boy: And Iron Man, too?

Me: Yes, Iron Man is a superhero.

The Boy: (still looking at his shirt) Why they not on my shirt?

Me: (opening his car door) Well, your shirt has superheroes from DC Comics. Spiderman and Iron Man are from Marvel Comics, so they wouldn’t be on your shirt. Get into the car, honey.

The Boy: (climbing into the car) Why?

Me: (putting my bags in the car as The Boy gets into his car seat) Well, they’re not part of the same group. They’re all superheroes, but they’re not all friends with each other.

The Boy: Why?

Me: (frantically thinking of the easiest way to explain the two houses) They don’t go to the same school.

The BoyLike me and Chase not go to the same school?

Me: (buckling him into the car seat) Yes, something like that.

The Boy: Mom?

Me: Yes?

The Boy: Chase is my friend and we not go to the same school.

Me: Yes, honey, but Spiderman and Iron Man also don’t know Superman or Batman, so that’s why they’re not friends.

The Boy: And, and, and Green Lantern, too?

Me: No, they don’t know Green Lantern, either.

The Boy: Oh. (pauses) Mom? I’m really sad I’m not wearing superhero underpants.


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