Conversational Gems

(Scene: The Boy’s bedroom as I’m tucking him into the Big Boy Bed.)

The Boy: Mommy, your mommy died?

Me: Yes, honey. My mommy died.

The Boy: Why?

Me: Why what?

The Boy: Why she died?

Me: Well, sometimes, a person can get really sick and their body just gets tired and stops working. So they die.

The Boy: Like the dinosaur on TV?

Me: (referencing an episode of Walking with Dinosaurs) Yes, like that dinosaur that got really tired and fell down and died. He was very sick.

The Boy: And then other dinosaurs eat him.

Me: Well, yes. But I promise no dinosaurs will try to eat you.

The Boy: And like the dinosaur on Dinosaur Train.

Me: (struggling to remember the episode he is referencing) But none of the dinosaurs on Dinosaur Train died, honey.

The Boy: No! They found his bones!

Me: Oh, yes, when Buddy and Don and Tiny found the fossil. Yes, that dinosaur died, too.

The Boy: And when you die, your bones come out?

Me: Well, there is something called decomposition, but that takes a long, long time, and your bones are the last to go away.

The BoyOh. (pause) Mommy?

Me: Yes?

The Boy: Why your mommy died?


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