Notes from this weekend

I wanted to write a bit yesterday but was so exhausted, I ended up going to bed early and falling asleep before 8.

Some notes:

– The Boy says “Up!” very clearly, and usually does it while he holds his arms up and lifts himself onto his toes. It’s very clear that he wants to be carried. Of course, he also says it while you’re carrying him, but I’m not sure what he means when he says it in that context.

– I found a toy that is a must-pack for long airplane rides. It’s a wand with a clear ball on top that, when you press a button, flashes different colors. It kept The Boy occupied for two and a half hours while I had him at work with me on Friday (and the ride home), and, best of all, it doesn’t make any noise (save for a slight “whirring” sound)!

– The Boy holds some serious grudges. We took him to the Magic Kingdom yesterday, and let’s just say that he was probably thinking I was a really mean Mommy. I (a) made him get a haircut, (b) wouldn’t let him stand in line for a third time to see Daisy Duck, (c) wouldn’t let him run to the characters while other kids were waiting in line in front of him, (d) kept asking him if he wanted to take a nap (which, of course, he didn’t), (e) wouldn’t give him any of my ice cream when he woke from his nap (he ended up passing out in his stroller, his body hunched over the little tray), and (f) whisked him away from Pluto when the character handler told me the line was already closed. And that was just at the park! After we were back home, I made him wait before he could get into the shower, took him out of the shower before he was ready, hid the Kix before he ate his weight of it, and refused to give him all of my hamburger bun at dinner. It’s amazing he was talking to me this morning.

– The only thing that makes me more nervous than a child who hasn’t pooped in 24 hours is one that hasn’t pooped in 36 hours. The Boy went most of Saturday without a single poop and all day Sunday, too. When he finally pooped on Saturday, his diaper was quite full; I changed two poopy diapers this morning and still warned his teachers that they should still be on the lookout. Well, at least we know he doesn’t have Toddler Tummy right now.

– I’m getting contact lenses again! This time, I’ve opted for soft toric lenses instead of the gas permeable variety. The gas perms hurt my eyes when I wear them now, so I’m hoping the soft lenses will be kinder to my poor, aging eyes. As soon as I pick up my lenses and get them checked, my doctor will sign off on my prescription for glasses, so I can get a new pair of those, too. My current pair keeps sliding off my nose.

– Cute Husband and I voted this weekend, so we’ve done our civic duty! Hooray! Let’s just hope they count the ballots correctly and the focus isn’t on Florida this time. (For the record, I was in Florida and voted in 2000 and in 2004, and both times, Florida went to the other guy. I’m hoping the third time will be a charm!) The early voting place is right by our house, so I was able to go, check in, vote, and come home in less than 20 minutes. It took Cute Husband even less time because he didn’t have to stand in line. (We took turns voting because I was still waiting for The Boy to poop, and he also hadn’t gone down for a nap. I don’t think I need to explain what tired and cranky little boys are like in public.)

– I’ve discovered that there are some things at Costco that are actually cheaper when you use coupons and shop grocery store sales and don’tbuy them in bulk. Mind you, it’s primarily cereal and such, but it was a revelation nonetheless. Of course, we still spent more than $200 there this weekend (only $25 of it was non-essential), but at least I know we’re stocked on meat for a while.

– The Boy nods more often than he shakes his head now. (It used to be that he never nodded.) It’s very cute, but he seems to follow this simple rule: When you don’t understand the question, just nod “yes” because it makes the grownups happy.

All told, it was a very busy weekend. I got a lot of stuff done (The Boy’s haircut, my eyes checked, a trip to Costco), but I’ve still got plenty I didn’t do, either (laundry, purging my closet, laundry, straightening the kitchen, more laundry). But isn’t that what next weekend is for?


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