Bridges, supports, and gravity

The Boy is learning a lot about gravity and the importance of building supports under bridges.

He loves his Thomas the Tank Engine toys. Usually, Cute Husband builds elaborate railway systems (that take over the living room), and The Boy moves his trains around the track for a bit. Recently, he’s been helping Cute Husband build the track, and that includes making hills and bridges for his trains to go up and down.

This morning, as The Boy plays with his trains, he’s discovering that he needs to have supports under each of the joints or else the weight of his trains will destroy the track. Cute Husband has been called back to the living room several times already to repair the bridges (I’m not really certain why he thinks it’s ever safe to retreat).

“Oh, noooooo! Daddeeeeee! Look!”

Thankfully, Cute Husband is better able to explain the laws of physics than I am, and The Boy seems to understand why his trains (and the track) keep falling down.

He may be an engineer, yet!


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