I caved…

For several weeks, Cute Husband and I have been working on the pacifier-weaning process.

Now, The Boy only uses his pacifier at night, so it’s not like he’s one of those kids who constantly has one in his mouth. But Dr J has said she’d like to see him weaned off his pacifier by the time he’s 2 and a half, and, really, those things can get pretty nasty after a while.

Well, I was able to get The Boy to fall asleep without one last night. (Yay!) But then he woke up needing it just before 1AM.

I know I could have held my ground and dealt with an angry child for an hour or two (and, really, it’s not a school night, so it’s not like it would be tragic), but I’m tired and I want to sleep, too. So I reached into his bureau drawer and “found” another pacifier for him.

I’m a sucker, I know.


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