Raising a Trekkie

It’s quite possible that I’m letting The Boy watch too much Star Trek.

About a month ago, Cute Husband discovered that Star Trek was streaming on Netflix, so we all started watching the episodes together. After all, the early episodes aired in the 1960s, and the level of violence allowed on TV back then is so tame compared to what The Boy could see if he watched prime time television with us today.

Even when it’s not a “grown-up” show, I stay close by to read titles to him and contextualize what’s happening on the screen. And when characters are fighting, I’m quick to point out that hitting is bad and what they’re doing is not very nice.

Anyway, we’ve all been watching Star Trek together for a few weeks now, and he seems to enjoy it. He certainly understands, anyway, that the Enterprise is a space ship (he told me so about two weeks ago). And tonight, The Boy began “reading” (really reciting) the opening credits.

“Star Trek! Starring William Shatner! Also starring Leonard Nimoy as Mr. Spock!”

His pronunciation is a bit off, but he makes a concerted effort. And I have to laugh because his inflections mirror mine exactly.


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