The Caines household is sick. Well, two of the three members are, anyway.

The Boy been battling something for about a week now. Last week, he wasn’t quite himself, though he didn’t need to stay home from school or anything. He seemed really lethargic, not even responding to “Mail time!” while we watched Blue’s Clues. That’s a sure sign that he isn’t feeling well. Add to that an awful cough, and, well, he’s definitely sick.

Yesterday, I took him to the CVS Minute Clinic with me in hopes they could check out both of us. It turns out they can’t do much for him (he’s too young; they typically don’t diagnose children younger than 5), but the physician’s assistant did say that he has a very red throat, probably brought on by that terrible cough of his.

My poor little guy.

As for me, I haven’t been feeling all that well, either (hence the trip to the Minute Clinic). It turns out I have a bad sinus infection, but she could at least treat me and prescribe some antibiotics to help me get over this illness.

That just left an undiagnosed little one. Thankfully, Dr. W was able to see us this morning; The Boy announced, “Yay! Doctor!” when we arrived at the office. He also brought his own doctor’s kit to show the doctor (which was really quite comical, as The Boy held up his own stethoscope when Dr. W raised his to check The Boy’s lungs. And Dr. W earned major cool points with The Boy when he pulled out his iPhone and played “Blitzkrieg Bop” for him – and The Boy even sang along!

Dr. W said that while The Boy is, indeed, sick, it’s just a cold that has almost worked its way out of his little system. So he’ll be able to go back to school tomorrow, and, since I’m on antibiotics now, I can (theoretically) go back to the office. I still feel terrible, though, and could really use an extra day of recovery.

Anyway, sick or no, we had a still good day hanging out and resting together. But I really hope he’s feeling better tomorrow. I hate his little cough!


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