Potty training and bribery (Don’t judge me)

Potty training is a painfully slow process. One of these days, I’m sure I’ll reflect upon this time and think, “Wow! It was really that much of a battle?” And that’s when I’ll be glad I can reread my own words and say, “Yes, it most certainly was.”

The Boy has very little interest in the potty. He uses the potty at school, but it’s not consistent, and he has almost no desire to use it at home. It can be frustrating aggravating.

And, of course, the experts all say that you should let your child lead the way, that you should never push the issue, that you should praise him for successes and kind of gloss over the failures.

I would love to praise successes. They’re just so few and far between, and The Boy really doesn’t seem to care that we’re excited about him going pee in the potty.

But I’ve discovered that he will sit on the potty in exchange for toys. Cute Husband went to the Dollar Store and picked up a few little toys to use as bribes, and there are some larger toys (including a battery-powered James) that we’ve explained he will not get until he poops in the potty.

I have no doubt that he will eventually use the potty all the time, but I’m really hoping we don’t go bankrupt trying to get him there!


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