Bedtime stories

The Boy loves to read before bed. It’s an older part of his nighttime routine that fell by the wayside for a while that recently resumed. What used to be storytime on Mama’s lap is now reading in bed to his friends. Tommy Bear, of course, is a faithful companion, as is Ow, a dalmatian puppy, Cow, a gift from Dorothea, Cousin L’s best friend in Europe, and his Gabba friends (all five of them). They are a good audience for him as he reads Where’s Spot?and other compelling stories aloud to them. It’s not uncommon to hear him “reading” aloud through the door.

Tonight, Cute Husband and I could hear him “reading” Where’s Spot? aloud. If you’re not familiar with the book, Sally, Spot’s mother, is looking all over the house for him because he hasn’t eaten his dinner. With every page, Sally uncovers a different animal until she finally discovers Spot.

The Boy loves this book, and especially loves reading it before bed.

“There?” we heard him ask. He paused, presumably to lift the flap on the page, then exclaimed, “No, Mama!” And he repeated this several times.

I hope he develops a love for reading. We’re certainly trying to encourage it!


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