The Ouch Report and other things

The Boy brought home an Ouch Report on Friday, complete with tiny little teeth marks on his hand. It happened just a few minutes before my husband arrived, and the teacher was very apologetic. The Boy, of course, was (mostly) over it and done crying – but when Cute Husband asked him to point out the responsible party, The Boy led him to a boy and pointed, saying, “He bit! He bit!”

Better the Ouch Report than a Disciplinary Report. And at least the Biter didn’t break skin.

* * * * *

Teething in our house seems to have been put on hiatus. I don’t think all four molars are in yet, but the last time I (quite bravely) checked, it seemed like the lower molars were starting to arrive. I tried to check the top, as well, but found it increasingly difficult to navigate around his actively chomping jaws.

And a teething hiatus means more normalcy in the house. He’s willing to eat again (though he’ll choose bananas and berries above all else if given the choice) and has even taken to sneaking shredded mini wheat cereal from the pantry. Cute Husband caught him in the act one afternoon, shredded wheat all over The Boy’s chin and shirt and cheeks puffed, full of cereal. How do you get mad at someone who’s just trying to sneak some extra fiber (okay, and sugar) into his diet? I’d rather he dig into a box of Frosted Mini Wheats than Cookie Crisp or Lucky Charms, anyway. That’s why I don’t keep the good stuff on the bottom shelf!

Potty training seems like a distant dream. The Boy will wear his Antsy Pants, but he refuses to sit on the potty. I told my husband that I think we ought to start giving Tommy Bear stickers, since Tommy Bear is willing to sit on the potty. I need to check my sticker collection to see if I have any suitable for Tommy Bear.

The funniest thing is that whenever I tell The Boy that he can’t do/have/watch [fill in desired thing here] until he sits on the potty, he scowls at me. And I mean, his entire face will turn from the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen to a nasty I-am-so-disgusted-by-what-you-just-suggested scowl. And, of course, you can’t laugh because this is very serious stuff.

I just hope I can catch that scowl on camera one day!


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