On the back porch

A Southern Black Racer and Red Rat Snake just outside the back porch. Neither are venomous; both are supposed to be good snakes for the garden.

These two snakes were just off  our back porch. When Cute Husband took this picture, it appeared safe. The red and white spotted one had apparently strangled the bigger black one but didn’t making any attempt to eat it or move along.

But once Cute Husband was able to chop the head off the little red and white snake, he discovered the black snake (a Southern Black Racer) was not dead and escaped death by trying to climb the walls of the house! Oh, and it’s about 2-1/2 cinder blocks long.

Fortunately, neither are venomous. Cute Husband didn’t dispose of the red rat snake’s body; we’ll leave it to the birds and other wildlife that grace our backyard while we sleep.


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