I don’t get this kid.

We just struggled through dinner because he wasn’t hungry (I let him have a late snack – bad Mommy, I know) and finally let him out of his booster seat to wander the house. It was that or continue watching him struggle to get out of his seat, complete with grunts and alternating cries of “Ow!” and “Stuck!”

Then, as I’m clearing the table and putting things away, I see him on the floor next to the refrigerator – crunching on something. When I try to open his mouth to investigate, he clamps his jaws and won’t let me look. Soon after, he apparently swallowed whatever he was eating because the crunching stopped.

I can’t get him to eat his dinner of pasta and chicken, but he’ll find some random crumb or piece of stale cereal on the floor and feel compelled to eat it.

I just don’t get it.


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