On to training pants

It seems like just last week I was mulling over the idea of switching, at least part-time, to cloth diapers. In reality, it’s been closer to 14 months since I actually broke down and bought a few BumGenius 3.0 diapers to test. After being so incredibly pleased with the three that I initially ordered, I bought another 12, and we’ve been using them ever since. I have to admit there are times I wish I had put him in a disposable diaper (gigantic poops and toddler tummy among them), but for the most part, I’m actually used to using them. We’ve already recouped the cost in savings (including any fluctuations in utilities – which have all gone down over the previous year) and are doing our part to save the planet. Moreover, I really like them!

But diapers (thankfully) are only needed for so long, and The Boy is now at a stage where I really ought to have the option of training pants available to him. Oh, sure, I bought him some Thomas the Tank Engine underpants a few weeks ago, but he’s not remotely interested in them – nor should he be because, well, he’s not even interested in sitting on the potty! But I’ve seen him in the mornings, when he’s anxious to get into the shower, tugging at the waistband of his diapers, almost in a vain attempt to remove them. (He has also voiced displeasure at having his pants or shorts removed unless he decides it’s time for a wardrobe change.)

I spoke to his teacher this morning about pull-up training pants to see what she found to be the easiest to use. (The morning drop-offs got a little bit easier each day, but we’ll see what happens on Monday.) Much to my surprise (and to show you how little attention I’ve paid to disposable training pants), there’s a very big difference between Pampers Easy-Ups and Huggies Pull-Ups. While both are equally easy for kids to put on and take off, only Huggies has the easy-off velcro sides to make it easy to clean up accidents (especially the poopy variety). I’m very glad I asked, or else I would have invested a small fortune in the wrong disposable training pants!

Now, in a perfect world, The Boy would train himself in a day and I would only need to buy one package of disposable training pants before he moved on to his Big Boy underpants. Just as ideally, he wouldn’t need training pants at all at home and would never need to get up in the middle of the night to use the facilities. However, I am all too well aware that we don’t live in that perfect world (I don’t, anyway) and, as bright as The Boy is, he’s not going to potty train himself overnight. Moreover, he’s still likely to have accidents at night once he is trained during the day.

I just don’t want to give Kimberly Clark or Proctor & Gamble all my money! (They each get plenty as it is.)

Enter Antsy Pants. Have you heard of them? These are the coolest-looking training pants! They’re stuffable, so I can use my existing BumGenius inserts at night (multi-tasking is a must). They have snaps on the sides for easy accident clean up. The sides are elastic garters, just like the disposable kind, so he can step into them like regular underpants. And though they are absorbent, they also leave just enough of a wet feeling so that The Boy will know when he’s just peed. (I think he already knows this to some degree.)

Anyway, I just sent in my order for six (they call that a one-day supply, but since I only want to use it at home, it should be plenty, right?) and should receive it sometime next week. I’ll write a comprehensive review after we’ve used them for a while. My initial plan is to give The Boy options – does he want to wear a diaper or Big Boy pants? – and go with whatever he says. I still need to make it clear, of course, that he can only wear his Big Boy pants if he agrees to sit on the potty, but if he doesn’t, that’s okay, too.

He’s showing a little more interest in the potty, but he doesn’t seem ready just yet. I’m hoping with some options, though, it will help him feel a little more comfortable about the idea of sitting on the potty with a bare bum.


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