Another year, another classroom, another set of molars

Cute Husband brought home a letter from school letting us know that The Boy will be slowly transitioning to a new classroom in the next few weeks. While there is admittedly a part of me feeling a bit wistful that our little boy is growing as fast as he is, I am so proud of his development – and so very grateful that he is as healthy as he is!

We’re currently going through another round of teething, and I can only hope this bout ends with all four of his 2-year molars actually erupting. Our previously established nighttime rituals have been replaced by an increasing number of stalling tactics as he fights off sleep. Favorite television shows, books, and quiet melodies – all things that worked not too long ago – now fail to lull him to sleep. It’s simultaneously frustrating and heart-wrenching to hear him cry out in attempt to stave off the inevitable.

In all, these are just some of the joys and frustrations gracing our household right now. All of it is temporary, I know, which is what makes it bearable. All the same, I’d rather be done with teething – and I long for the old days of easy bedtimes!


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