Perhaps I need to buy more socks…

Overheard tonight from The Boy’s bedroom:

“No, don’t take Tommy Bear’s shirt off…. Socks? Tommy Bear needs socks? Okay, let’s find some socks for him…. There. Now he has socks…. What?… Tommy Bear has socks…. Oh, Cow needs socks? Okay…”

This continued on for a while. It ended with my husband telling him that he had no more socks, that Mommy needed to wash them.

And then I was summoned.

“Mo more sock!” he informed me.

I went into the closet and found socks he had since outgrown, then dutifully put them on his Yo Gabba Gabba! friends. Once he was certain everyone’s feet would be sufficiently warm, he decided that his footed sleeper wasn’t adequate and wanted, not just socks, but entirely different pajamas to wear to bed.

Then Tommy Bear needed a new shirt. He can’t have a new shirt? Well, then he needs shoes. He can’t wear shoes? Well, then can I wear shoes? If I can’t wear shoes, then Mama has to hold me.

I’m not certain how I managed it, but I finally got him to lie down in his crib. I tucked him in, whispered my “good nights”, and hurriedly left the room, leaving the door open (because God forbid we should close the door and do anything without him). He called out for me once more (I did not respond), then was silent. He’s now been asleep for about 20 minutes.

In the meantime, he does have clean socks, just removed from the dryer before I sat down to write. But if we’re now going to clothe all of his toys, I may need to stock up on more.


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