So much for no pressure

The Boy is turning two in less than four weeks. With a new number comes a new class, new teachers, and new benchmarks to hit. At this time last year, I was starting to get a little stressed because he wasn’t walking and wasn’t consistent with using his sippy cup. Now that he happily runs around the house (sometimes literally) and clearly gets enough fluids drinking from his sippy cups, I realize that my anxiety wasn’t completely necessary. All the same, the proactive steps I took did ease him into the next classroom, so I spoke with a teacher today from the two-year-old class to identify what skill sets The Boy ought to have before he transitions.

And this is when I learned the big thing in the two-year-old class is potty training.


About five months ago, when The Boy was 18 months old, his teachers asked if I wanted to get him started on potty training. I declined, reasoning that if he wasn’t remotely interested in undressing himself, he clearly wasn’t interested in using the potty. Fast forward a few months and he’s starting to show some interest in removing his clothing, but only when the bathtub is filling or I’ve dressed him in a shirt or pants that he doesn’t want to wear. All the same, as much as he likes playing with toilet paper and flushing the toilet (not simultaneously, thank goodness), he hasn’t shown a whole lot of interest in really, um, interacting with it.

So I asked Cute Husband today to swing by Target and pick up a little potty chair. I brought home the seat that fits onto the big toilet, but The Boy seems overwhelmed by the idea of sitting on the big commode. I can’t blame him, really. I’m a little leery of things that are three-quarters my height, too.

I’m elated that his teachers at school are going to be working with him on potty training during the day, which will make the whole process go so much faster, especially when The Boy see his classmates going into the bathroom and using the toilet instead of pooping and peeing in their diapers. After all, peer pressure can be a good thing. I just don’t know that he’s ready, and I really don’t want him to get so anxious that it becomes a prolonged (translation: year-long) process.

Of course, he could very well be ready and I just don’t recognize any of the signs. Either way, it appears potty training is coming to my house sooner than I expected.

Wish me luck. I think I’m going to need it.


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