Another day, a whole other set of new skills

Yesterday, we took The Boy to Pig on the Pond, a little fair and barbecue competition sponsored by a local chamber of commerce. He tried some pulled pork from one of the barbecue contestants and sampled some of Cute Husband’s lemonade. The latter surprised us a bit, only because he successfully drank from Cute Husband’s straw. So we agreed that it might not be a bad idea to introduce straw cups. After all, he’ll be transitioning to an older classroom soon, and it will be easier for him if we work on some of the new skills at home a little at a time.

Sure enough, when I brought home the straw cups today, The Boy took to them immediately. I was a little concerned that it might take him a while to get used to it, but sure enough, he knew exactly what to do and happily drank water from his new cup.

Last week, they had Picture Day at school. He was adamant on Monday that he did not want to have his picture taken (I think he was afraid of the photographer’s assistant with fuchsia hair), but was photographed on Friday after a little coaxing.

His vocabulary is increasing daily, and he sometimes says complete sentences. He says “please” (usually with prompting) and “thank you” (often spontaneously), and is generally getting better at expressing himself with words. “Eat!” is a common command right now, directed at Cute Husband and me more often than not. It’s quite funny, except at 3AM when he’s adamant that it’s time for breakfast and you want nothing more than to coax him back to sleep.

Soy yogurt is a new favorite food, and he is able to eat strawberries now without any adverse reactions. I have to get better about ensuring some variety in the foods I offer him. It’s no wonder, really, that he’s bored with chicken nuggets and bananas. He’s still sensitive to dairy, but now that he’s okay eating strawberries and I’ve found a soy yogurt, it’s a little easier to broaden the scope of his plate offerings.

New to the nighttime ritual is his sudden insistence that his bedroom door remain open while he’s still falling asleep. He’ll scream and cry and carry on if we shut the door, but if we keep it open with a promise to check in on him “later” (no actual time is necessary), he’s much more agreeable and will settle down to sleep.

Every day is a new adventure with this little one.


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